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04 April 2010 @ 11:05 pm
spn_30snapshots: 18. sight  

Still no introductory thingie. Well, who cares - this one's got everyone's favourite archangel in it. And pancakes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. If it was me running the show (instead of Eric Kripke), angels could all go back to their peaceful cloud-hopping days and be nice and all covered in fairy dust and wouldn't have to loose their faith in their father (thanks a bunch, Eric, for damaging Castiel like this). Honestly, though, I do not intend any copyright infringement.

spn_30snapshots: Theme 01 - Elemental
Prompt 18: sight

Set somewhere before 5x16  - Dark Side of the Moon

One came for coffee, the other for the pancakes, sweet-tooth that he is. A chance meeting for both of them (Eve and Gabriel, no pairing).

Rating: PG-13 (possibly disturbing concepts, snarky dealings with religion)

Unbetaed. But you might gather some info about my OFC from this.



He's sitting in front of something that can only be described as the leaning tower of pancakes when he feels someone sitting down across the table. Looking up, his eyes meet those of a rather short and painfully lean girl, greenish-brown and sparkling. He watches her crossing her legs (the pair of jeans sits much too loosely), eyeing his pancakes.When she looks at him after that, her eyes are full of mirth and he gets the impression that his truckload of sweet, syrupy goodness might be in danger.

"So, which one are you?"

His face must have betrayed his surprise because she begins to laugh, openly. He likes the sound - it somehow reminds him of home. Somehow, he thinks back to him and his brothers during their days of peaceful cloud-hopping. The girl's grace - a teeny-tiny pinch, but enough to make her beautiful in so many ways - is almost palpable.

"You know, you guys are quite the sight to see. Well, to me, anyways. Not as bad as christmas trees, but - you get the picture. The best thing is the wings. How did you manage to get into the booth with those?"

"Ah. You're one of the-", a pause, "-special snowflakes out there."

"Yeah. I guess you could put it that way."

She smiles at him, an open, inviting smile and laughs again, grabbing a fork and going for his pancakes without so much as a by-your-leave. That's when he sees bandages around her wrists, tiny red stains forming on them as they speak. Oh, he thinks and looks up, towards the crucifx hanging at the back of the dingy diner. Another one. He forms a decision.

"I'm Gabriel."

The girl looks up from the mound of pancakes, blows a strand of black hair from her face and ponders him for a moment. Then she smiles and he notices the scars on her forehead and how she keeps her back from touching the booth.

"Wow. There an old lady here somewhere with a bun in the oven?"

Now it's his turn to laugh. After a pause, she tells him that her name is Eve. He doesn't manage to hide his snort - due to some sort of angelic foresight, though, he manages to order another heap of pancakes and coffee before his giggles evolve into a full-blown laughing fit. And due to something else, - what, he doesn't know - he begins to tell her a story about his family. About two of his brothers who loved each other more than anything.


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