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24 August 2010 @ 10:50 pm
Elemental - Masterpost  


Oh man. This is it. The very first masterpost on this journal. Let's see if I go through with what I have in my head this time, shall we?

Thirty (or more) drabbles from the Supernatural fandom. Heavily AU-ish and featuring my own character and all sorts of strange things. In the end, all those short pieces of text might even come together to form something plott-like! Le gasp!

Anyway, ratings may vary and the usual SPN fandom warning apply. You know, blasphemy, possible angel-porn and maybe, just maybe, God impersonating a bearded, shoddy and almost always drunk prophet.

Also (beware the disclaimer-type thingie), nothing belongs to me here. I'm just playing for fun and I'm certainly not making any money from anything on this journal.

On with the show - read the stuff in this order (which makes the most sense, because most of these are just momentary glances):

18. sight (PG-13)
06. tears (PG)

More will follow. I think. Hopefully.
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